fax an ASCII document?

fax an ASCII document?

Post by Alex Ram » Thu, 29 Dec 1994 16:38:57

I downloaded 'sendfax' today just to find out it requires ghostscript
and pbmtog3 and whatever else. :-/

Is there a program out there that will let me fax a straight ASCII




fax an ASCII document?

Post by Byron A Je » Thu, 29 Dec 1994 22:56:11

>I downloaded 'sendfax' today just to find out it requires ghostscript
>and pbmtog3 and whatever else. :-/

>Is there a program out there that will let me fax a straight ASCII

No Alex. Your post Christmas Wish isn't going to be answered this time.

The problem: Faxes only talk Group 3 (G3) Fax format.

So with ASCII you'd still have to convert it to G3. That's what gs and
pbmtog3 are for.

Here's how I send ASCII faxes (using efax0.6b):

1. Run the ASCII through nenscript1.13++ (on sunsite) to get a postscript
   version on the ASCII.
2. Run the Postscript through ghostscript with the dfaxhi device to produce
   a G3.
3. Run efax to fax the G3.

Incidentally the fax script that comes with efax will do the last 2 steps
automagically. Just say 'fax send doc.ps'. fax is a shell script and could
easily be modified to check to ASCII docs and run them through nenscript
first. So then you could do 'fax send ASCII-DOC' and off it'll go.

To receive you need to do much the same. Use the pbmplus tools (dated
December 1991) and not the netpbm tools. Both are in pub/linux/apps/graphics/
convert on sunsite I believe.

1. G3->g3topbm->PBM
2. PBM->ppmtops->PS
3. PS->gs->printer format
4. printer format->lpr->paper.

I hacked the fax script on my fathers machine so that this is done
automagically and now any faxes that come in are simply printer on the
printer with no intervention.

As you can see Ghostscript is a must here.

Also in step 2 you could convert to GIF and display the fax.

We really need a good X tool for fax management.

Hope this helps.


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