kernel 1.1.51

kernel 1.1.51

Post by NJ. Brut » Thu, 22 Sep 1994 00:01:15

Since upgrading to 1.1.51 from 1.1.50 when I start X-Windows (rather fvwm)
I get the error msg
Couldn't get a free page          and my icons on the button bar dont appear

If I restart fvwm then all is ok

Kernel 1.1.51 System is a 386dx40 with 8meg ram


1. Linux 1.1.51 umount kernel err & multiple terminals.

Has anyone else out there been having problems umounting with kernel 1.1.51?
I've got the exact kernel error if anyone wants it..didn't want to type
it in now.

Also has anyone been able to get more than 6 local terminals (I.E. more than
Alt-F6 limitations...)  If anyone out there knows the solution, I'd really
like to know.  
Please send all replies via netmail.

BTW: Umounting floppies causes the oops, HD and other things don't seem to
be problematic.

Thanks in advance,
Mark Crichton

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