ANOTHER ONE -- CL-DG5428 with XFree86 3.1

ANOTHER ONE -- CL-DG5428 with XFree86 3.1

Post by Jacob J. Gibbo » Tue, 29 Nov 1994 14:23:41


I need an XF86Config that works for 16 bit mode on a Cirrus Logic
CL-DG5428 Card thats pumpin' video to an ADI MicroScan 4G.  Am I
so lucky that there is someone out ther with this configuration.

Again someone is on here asking about XF86Config.  Well I have managed
to get startx to actually run.  My problem is that I only get about half
of my display.  The bottom half is just vertical lines (they are a little
prettier in 16 bit mode :).  The monitor is snowy when I move the mouse,
especially when I go to the area outside the display (virtual 1152x900).

I don't really give a damn about 8 bit if I can get 16 bit working.  I
have the following hardware:

        15" ADI MicroScan 4G

        Video Card
        BIOS Base address = 0xC0000

        First video: Super-VGA
                Chipset: Cirrus CL-GD5428
                Memory:  2048 Kbytes
                RAMDAC:  Cirrus Logic Built-in 15/16/24-bit DAC
                (with 6-bit wide lookup tables (or in 6-bit mode))

Oh and I can tell you more, like the output for startx, but that is a
lot for this article.  If anyone wants (needs) to know then ask me.

Yes, I did read everything in README.cirrus, and I tried a lot of it!
Any answers you can provide would definitely be appreciated.  As I am


P.s.   Thanks to all those that helped me back in May!


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[ Author was Roger Bacalzo ]
[ Posted on 11 Nov 1994 16:57:12 GMT ]


I'm thinking about getting a Mach64 graphics card.

Now, I know the Mach64 is only supported in unaccelerated mode
right now.  And I don't mind waiting until the accelerated driver
does get finished.

However, I plan to use XFree86 2.1 because it's X11R5 based.  Can
I use the XFree86 3.1 Mach64 SVGA server and the later accelerated
server coming in XFree86 >= 3.2 in XFree86 2.1?

Thanks in advance.

- Roger -

Roger Bacalzo
GTE Systems Operations
22027 17th Avenue SE                    Phone:(206)487-8534


Roger Bacalzo
GTE Systems Operations
22027 17th Avenue SE                    Phone:(206)487-8534


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