Printer Woes

Printer Woes

Post by John M. Tippi » Mon, 08 Nov 1993 05:03:05

Sorry to waste bandwidth (I've seen similar questions before,
but never needed to know until now, and couldn't find it
in the how-to)

Kernel 0.99.13
Printer: Epson Actionprinter 5000

First, most crucial problem:

When the computer is booted, the printer hangs, and no buttons respond.
Doesn't respond until disconnected from computer or computer turned off.
The printer can be coaxed into working if:
computer is booted without printer connected,
something is catted to the lp device (in this case, lp1)
printer is connected after this cat

this same problem has occurred in both computers I've tried it on,
but the 0.99.12 kernel worked fine and also ms-dos.

for some reason, is the parallel line not able to clear itself?
(I have zero knowledge of how parallel works)

Second, less crucial problem:

i Get those annoying "unable to connect" etc errors this howto
says are socket connection errors, and should be fixed by configuring
as a single workstation network. What if you get these errors
and you are already a part of a network? This problem did not occur
with 0.99.12.

Any help is appreciated, and I apologize if I am rehashing the same
stuff for the hundreth time. Send replies by email if you
want to save net traffic.

John M. Tippitt


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Any suggestions? Any FAQ/HOWTO's someone can point me towards?

Thanks mucho.
 Steven S Spiroff               Stuck in the slow lane of the Infobahn (harf!)

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