Motif libs for Linux?

Motif libs for Linux?

Post by LANGER STEVEN » Wed, 27 Apr 1994 07:29:48

Hi all;

  A while back I asked about PD Motif libs
for LINUX and I got the following

>OI is availble for free for Linux.  It reimplements Motif and comes
>with a user interface builder as well.
>It is available from

>P.S.  I pushed it through here, and when we have our next release, I
>plan on releasing it for Linux shortly after, assuming that all things
>go right and the higher ups haven't changed their minds.

 I just dug this up and started unpacking it, but it's
a whole big interface builder. That's fine for new projects,
but I'd like something that I could use to get my existing
projects compiled, namely, just the Xm libraries in addition
to the XFree X11 and Xt libs. Does anyone have a line
on something nice and simple like that?

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