Post by Sami-Pekka Hallik » Wed, 01 Dec 1993 04:54:53

I have BIG problems.. few UUCP sites like to join same uucp net as I am now.
But I tried to put their address and everything EVERYWHERE but anyway,
everytime /usr/spool/smail/log/logfile tell me:

11/29/93 21:30:23: [m0p4EIh-00020BC] received
|            from: semi
|         program: sendmail
|            size: 1308 bytes

transport smtp: IP address for semail not found

And it needs to go via uucp. If I get it working somehow, then that message
tries to go to smarthost :-/...
Here how it needs to work:

        semail -+
                +- dream - - usenet
        plaza  -+

and ALL mail transfers MUST go with uucp.

So it there anyone who could tell me how we can get that system working.



Post by Ken Wilc » Fri, 03 Dec 1993 10:59:42

I am a real large advocat of sendmail. I would at least try to bear with the
installation of it and try it for a bit. I think that you will find that you
will like it.

-Ken Wilcox



Post by David Dave Nutta » Sat, 04 Dec 1993 12:53:23

In the case of a Linux UUCP site using smail, what configuration

and the SENDMAIL at those locations rejects it.

I'm not in a position to get those sites to change their sendmail.



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