/pub/linux/zooed_slackware on ftp.cdrom.com is GONE!

/pub/linux/zooed_slackware on ftp.cdrom.com is GONE!

Post by Shane Saddl » Thu, 22 Sep 1994 02:13:06


I'm relatively new to Linux.  But over the past 10 hours I've downloaded and
sorted through about 4 megs of info on Linux.  I've visited ftp.cdrom.com, sunsi
te.unc.edu, and tsx-11.mit.edu.  Through these travels I've decided to all
the Slackware Linux distribution; if I can find the complete distribution.  I wi
ll hopefully find one very, very large file containing all 50 or so disks or
at least 50 individual archives.

When I visited each of the sites above I only found three a<number> directories
(corresponding to distribution disks).  When I read the Linux Distribution
HOWTO for v2.1, 10 July 1994 I discovered there are 14 A series disks.  Where
are the rest of the disks?  This same HOWTO also states that the disks are in
a zooed format in /pub/linux/zooed_slackware on ftp.cdrom.com.  Is the complete
distribution stored anywhere with anous ftp access?  I've read the linux
faq, many of the HOWTOs, and READ.MEs in every dir under LINUX in the above
sites.  I also read through comp.os.linux.announce and comp.os.linux.help.

Another problem I have is reading the postscript LPG manuals.  Are there any
apps for DOS or Windows which will read and print or convert these files?

A LINUX app to view and print these files would be nice as well.

Any suggestions would be appreciated,

Shane Saddler


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A notice for those of you who looked for new files in the /pub/Linux
area on ftp.netcom.com.  This area will be disappearing January 15th
as I am planning on living somewhere without any local internet service
provider for the next four to eight years.

This means that development on my midi and graphics and networking
packages will cease to be distributed and new releases will not be made
until four or more years from now (if linux is still popular with
the rest of the world and the kernel structure doesn't vary too much)


-- uss.lonestar.org Public access Linux, Free USENET News and Internet Mail
-- Call (214) 424-9705, login new for access.


PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.

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