problems with tcl/tk -- fonts

problems with tcl/tk -- fonts

Post by slyn » Mon, 02 Jan 1995 13:36:00

Hi I've been trying to run some simple tcl/tk scripts in X, but keep getting
error messages like

        font "-Adobe-Helvetica-Medium-R-Normal--*-120-*" doesnt exist.

Where would I get these fonts? I've installed Linux (Infomagic Dec 94
slackware with X 3.1) and installed every font that came with the X
series and then some :).. Do I need motif for tcl/tk commands like
label and button to work? (using fvwm currently)

Happy new year
Stephen Lynn                    


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[ Article crossposted from comp.os.linux.development ]
[ Author was Rev Lebaredian ]
[ Posted on Sun, 7 Apr 1996 22:04:50 GMT ]

  I'm teaching myself tcl/tk and would like to run it on linux.  However
tk seems to want some adobe fonts which I don't have installed.  Is there
any way to force tk to use some other default fonts?  If not can I find these
fonts somewhere? Thanks.

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