Using PComm

Using PComm

Post by Steve Seixei » Fri, 25 Feb 1994 03:47:21

  I'm trying to use my modem under Linux with the Pcomm program
I found at tsx-11, however I'm having a little probelm.  It keeps
looking for a library that I know I don't have (libc_v2_11c), and
that I can't seem to find on its own (it may be part of some
package, but I wouldn't know where to start looking).  I have the
SLS distribution of Linux 0.99 p12 (I know I'm behind, but if it
ain't broke - don't fix it ;-).

  If anybody out there has this library and can send it to me via
e-mail (or if you know where it is and could tell me) it would be
very much appreciated.


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I have a very strange problem when  I use pcomm.  Everthing works perfect when
I am connected to my unix account. Vi , Emacs , downloading all work perfect.
The problems become when I use tn3270 to connect to my VM-CMS account so
I can I read netnews. The loggin screen comes up without problems but after
I am in and I try to execute any command, pcomm crashes. I belive that some
kind of a control caracter or an escape sequence krashes pcomm, but I can
not find anything specific. Under kermit tn3270 works perfectly, but I like
better the download compabilities of pcomm so I want to use it instead of

Thanks in advance,
Harry Georgopoulos

P.S I am using linux 0.96c

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