Slackware 2.02 install problems / problems with floppy code?

Slackware 2.02 install problems / problems with floppy code?

Post by Ryan Nie » Mon, 24 Oct 1994 14:08:04

     I tried reinstalling my Linux system with the Slackware 2.02 install
disks.  Unfortunately, the Linux kernel v1.1.54 used in Slackware 2.02
doesn't like my floppies.

Here's my setup:
   486 DLC/40 ... 8 megs RAM
   340 MB Western Digital Caviar (IDE)
   250 MB Western Digital Caviar (IDE)
   Drive A is a 1.44 MB TIAC, drive B is a 1.22 MB TIAC

What I'm doing:
   Reinstalling my Linux system after repartitioning with the adddition of
a second hard drive.  Since Slackware 2.02 just came out, I decided to
install using the new disks to catch any important upgrades since my
original Slackware 1.0 installation.

What was running before:
   Everything was fine when I had the Linux kernel v1.1.40 running.  When
I upgraded to v1.1.51, my floppies started having problems, with errors
like "Invalid device, etc...".  With v1.1.52, the drives became accessible
but the system would lock solid if I tried to write to either drive.
v1.1.53 seemed to do the same.

What happened when I tried installing Slackware 2.02:
  (Using "bare" bootdisk for 1.44 MB, 1.44 MB rookdisk)

   Everything seemed to boot okay.  I inserted the rootdisk after the
kernel loaded, the RAMDISK was initialized and I was prompted to insert
the rootdisk.  The message "VFS: Disk change detected" appeared, and the
system proceeded to lock *SOLID*, requiring my to resort to the big red
RESET key.  Same thing happened when I tried for several more attempts.
The same thing happened when I used LodLin v1.2 off my DOS partition,
using a copy of my old 1.1.45 kernel and mounting /dev/fd0 as root.

Kernels that do or do not seem to work:
  1.1.40 - Yes.
  1.1.45 - Lockups most of the time I access the floppies.
  1.1.47 - Works great for a while, but still having random lockups.
  1.1.50 - Yes.
  1.1.52 - Lockups.
  1.1.54 - Lockups.

Does ANYONE have any ideas?  I'm stuck without a running Linux system at
the moment, and would really like to get things back in order ASAP.  Could
this possibly be a hardware related problem, or has the changing state of
the Linux floppy code caught something that just doesn't work with my

Thanks in advance,

   Sunset Data Systems

P.S.  Please don't reply with something like "Well, just upgrade to
1.1.55".  Yes, if I had a working system, I would.  But that's just not an
option right now.


Slackware 2.02 install problems / problems with floppy code?

Post by Nicola Pedroz » Tue, 25 Oct 1994 17:29:10

|>      I tried reinstalling my Linux system with the Slackware 2.02 install
|> disks.  Unfortunately, the Linux kernel v1.1.54 used in Slackware 2.02
|> doesn't like my floppies.
Hi Ryan,
I'm not giving you an answer to your problems, just adding some more problems
to the Slackware 2.0.2 installation process.

1. boot and root disks were an old version (at mirror site

2. I fdisk-ed, mke2fs-ed and installed A serie several times, each time with
   a different problem. Once when typing man I got the message "cannot execute
   /usr/bin/man" ('file man' gave me 'data file'!!!???). Couldn't install
   lilo by hand: "Sorry, don't know how to handle device: 0X0101" (or 0X1010).
   and some more problems that I forgot.

3. I installed the D serie to recompile the kernel and when 'making' there were
   some syntax or parse error in some .c program (some characters missing...)
   like "#iff" instead of "#ifdef" or "whatever 1;" instead of "whatever = 1;".
   How is this possible??
   After that I guessed that there was some problem in un-tar-ing the packages.
   I tried switching off (or on) my turbo switch (to slow down my 486DX2/66 VLB)   and tried again. Everything went fine at the first try, except that I had to
   reinstall the previously compiled kernel.
   What's up whit these floppies??? Is this a syncronization problem?

Ciao Nicky
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If anyone can shed some light on this I would appreciate it.  Please E-Mail
me since I normally do not subscribe to this group.



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