NEC 260 IDE CD-ROM HELP.........

NEC 260 IDE CD-ROM HELP.........

Post by I am Ma » Thu, 16 Mar 1995 08:10:24

I have a Gateway 2000 PC with an NEC 260 IDE Cd-Rom...the Boot Kernel
(Slackware 2.1.0) recognizes my drive with a #26 message (?) but the Root
kernel and installation will not recogize the drive (i type
custom..."/slackware/slakware" as my source) has anyone solved this
problem or know where the latest root kernel for umsds144.gz can be
found??? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Mark Richman


1. NEC CDR-260 CD-ROM (Gateway IDE CD-ROM)

Has anyone had success with the alpha CDR-260 driver on sunsite?  I
tried patching and compiling on both 1.0.9 and 1.1.18 sources
(slackware) and while both patched and compiled, neither could accesss
the CD.  I tried a cat /dev/idecd (which I created according to the
insructions) and it gave me an I/O error.

If anyone has made this work, please mail me.  (Include kernal
version).  I'll summarize if there is interest.



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