*NOTICE* UMSDOS/sendmail8.6.9 incompatible

*NOTICE* UMSDOS/sendmail8.6.9 incompatible

Post by Dirk Kleinhesseli » Mon, 21 Nov 1994 13:29:07

    This may have already been resolved, but I had problems running the
sendmail program that came with the Slackware 2.0.2 distribution.  The
problem was the sendmail server would hang during incoming SMTP connections
and while processing outgoing mail.  I obtained the source code for sendmail
and traced the problem to calls to fsync in subroutines collect.c and queue.c.
I have Linux installed on a DOS partition using the UMSDOS filesystem, which
apparently does not support fsync.  I deleted the fsync calls and re-compiled
sendmail and it now seems to be running normally.  
    Thought I'd pass this along.

                               Dirk Kleinhesselink


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