DEPCA ethernet card still supported??

DEPCA ethernet card still supported??

Post by Carl Roze » Fri, 17 Jun 1994 22:03:25


Do you know if i can still use my DEPCA (DE100) ethernet cards above
pl13. I like to use them with version 1.x

Thanks in advance


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1. DEC depca ethernet card recognized by Linux?

I've got an old 8 bit Ethernet card from Digital, which according to the
FCC ID and to appears to
be a DEC depca. Booting Linux 2.2.9 with Lance support compiled in it is
not recognized, even when supplying lilo with ether=5,0x300,0xd000,eth0
(those are the values jumpered according to the above web page).
The LEDs do not light up either.
Is there anything I could still try?


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