: What is device 0x0101 (or: LILO doesn't like...something) ?

: What is device 0x0101 (or: LILO doesn't like...something) ?

Post by Ulrik Pagh Schul » Sat, 06 Nov 1993 21:55:52

When I try to run the install script included with LILO (the one which supposedly
makes Linux boot from your harddisk) I get this error:

Sorry, don't know how to handle device 0x0101

In the documentation it says that this error indicates that LILO needs to work with
some files on this device...but it isn't my floppy disk nor my IDE harddisks (at
least, the hex number doesn't correspond with the numbers ext2fs reports if I try
to mount some of my partitions with the wrong filesystem type (I suppose it's a
hack - but it works!)).

Anyways, I'd be eternally grateful if someone could provide some assistance (I'm
aware of the dos utility for determining harddisk geometries - but as far as I
could tell, it's only meant to work with SCSI drives).

P.S.: My system is a local-bus clone with a Soundblaster (hmm...come to think of it,
the Soundblaster could be causing the problem...), an S3-based multi I/O local bus
card, and two IDE harddisks (a Seagate and a Fujitsu).  My kernel is 0.99pl12,
I'm using Slackware 1.0.4, and trying to make it work with LILO 0.12.


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1. "Sorry, don't know how to handle device 0x0101"

Well, I did everything that Pat LoPresti did in his "Everything I Know
About Linux with EIDE."

The only difference between his procedure and lilo.conf is that my
hard drive has 1046 cylinders, instead of 2100.  I took utmost care in
reproducing everything he said in the posting.  But when I try to run
lilo, I get:

# lilo -r /mnt
Added linux

This was kind of an anti-climax after all that careful
direction-following.  Anyway, when I try to run lilo otherwise, I get:

# lilo
Sorry, don't know how to handle device 0x0101

What is this device?  Why can't lil handle it?  How can I get linux to
boot?  Why am I having such a hard time if everybody's doing it?

I welcome your advice.


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