I need help with installation of b-series disks

I need help with installation of b-series disks

Post by axtr.. » Sat, 18 Dec 1993 03:11:20


Why does the installation ask me to insert more b-series disks than
there are in the SLS release?
I'd appreciate your help very much.



1. Need 'N' series disks from Slackware 2.1.0


I'm wondering if anyone out there on the Net can help me.  I'm trying
to set up my Linux box for use with SLIP and eventually PPP.  I am
running Slackware 2.1.0.  I think I installed it early last year some
time.  At the time, I didn't download the networking series (N disks),
since I didn't have any Internet hookup locally.

I've done a lot of searching on the WWW, but I can't find an FTP
server that has a copy of Slackware 2.1.0 laying around.  I've
downloaded the Slackware 2.3 N series, but I am getting C library
warnings when I try to run the TCP/IP tools.  I'd rather not upgrade
Linux right now, so if anyone has the N series from Slackware 2.1.0,
drop me a line if you don't mind and I'd love to get a copy from you!
Alternately, if anyone knows where Slackware 2.1.0 can be found on an
FTP site, I'd love to know that!

Thanks a lot,
-Greg Larkin

Greg Larkin -  Entropy Software - "We're always increasing!"

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