inetd refuses to accept connections...

inetd refuses to accept connections...

Post by Marcus Nilss » Thu, 09 Feb 1995 20:15:58

After some time inetd goes crazy and refuses to accept any
connections. Normally, the debuglog says this:

someone wants login
accept, ctrl 3
61 eexecl /usr/etc/tcpd

fine, but when it goes crazy it looks like this:

someone wants login
accept, ctrl -1
someone wants login
accept, ctrl -1





1. tcpd refuses to accept my telnet connections!

I used to be able to telnet into a machine (on the internet) which used
tcpd to verify incoming connections, but all of a sudden the machine
decides to refuse my and only my connection.
Could anyone suggest a possible reason why SUDDENDLY the gethostbyname
function would fail  for my address?

The logs for the machine say:

Jan 14 13:15:03  in.telnetd[17304]: warning: can't verify
hostname: gethostbyname( failed

Jan 14 13:15:03  in.telnetd[17304]: refused connect from

Thanks for your help and advice!
Please also CC: to my address in case I miss the ng post, thanks

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