FAQ: Diamond Stealth 32 help

FAQ: Diamond Stealth 32 help

Post by James Ber » Thu, 15 Dec 1994 21:05:34

I've got a diamond stealth 32 and multi-sync monitor, as well
as the 'freq' program on sunsite..  but I can't seem to get anything
reasonable working in X.  Ideally I'd like 1024x768x256 at 70Hz (
or better)..  can anyone give me a pointer in the right direction?

I had X working on my trident, but this diamon has got me flummoxed!



1. Diamond FAQ didn't help with Stealth 32

        I have tried every technique described in the the Diamond FAQ
to get my Stealth 32 to work.  It isn't the fact that I can't get it to
sync, (thats the easy part) it that when X comes up, I develop a
refresh problem, thus I get random pixels missing that won't go away.
This happens in both the SVGA and W32 server.  The card works fine in
DOS and any other time I program it, but refuses to even come close
to normal under X.  If anybody has any ideas please let me know, other
wise I will be forced to either use my old SLOW card or try to sell
the Stealth and purchase a similar card. (For more money)


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