Using Pine, Fetchmail, and Postfix with a POP3 and SMTP account at an ISP

Using Pine, Fetchmail, and Postfix with a POP3 and SMTP account at an ISP

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Keywords: Pine, fetchmail, postfix, POP3, SMTP, Linux

My challenge was to set up my new Linux box (running Mandrake 8.0) so that
I could use Pine as my everyday mail reader, while still being able to get
my mail from my internet provider and send it using their SMTP server.
This setup works for me and a cable modem/Linksys router/home network
(ssshhhhh, don't tell my ISP).  There may be different settings necessary
for dialup service.

My first step was to set up Postfix.  The only tricky part, and I don't
know that this was necessary (I suspect it became superfluous when I
switched to Pine from Mutt), was to go into the file /etc/postfix/
and add the line:

And write and save the file.

The next step was configuring fetchmail.  Once it's installed, I had to
create a file named ".fetchmailrc" in my home directory.  One thing I
screwed up and that you should watch for is to make sure this file is in
the home directory for the account you want to generally use when reading
email.  I initially put it in my home directory as root, which disabled my
ability to read my mail when logged in under my day-to-day user name.

So the .fetchmailrc file needed to look like this:

poll <pop3server.address.atisp> proto pop3 user <username> pass <password>
is user <account name on Linux box> here

I then had to change the permissions on that file by typing:

chmod 600 ~/.fetchmailrc

Once that was done, it was time to install and set up Pine, which was
quick and easy.

In Pine, go to Setup, then Config, and enter the appropriate addresses.

Under personal name, use the name you want attached to your email.

smtp-server is the SMTP server address for your ISP
nntp-server is the NNTP or news server for your ISP (if using Pine for
inbox-path SHOULD BE THE PATH YOU SET UP IN FETCHMAIL, by default it is
/var/spool/mail/username (you could change this; just make sure Pine and
Fetchmail both think your incoming mail goes to the same place)

The way the settings are now, your email will get to your mailbox from
your ISP's POP3 server and you will be able to send email through their
SMTP server.  HOWEVER, your email will appear to come from your local

Config menu again, hit W for "WhereIs" and enter "customized-hdrs".

This brings you to a list where you ADD a new header:

Save your changes, and you're ready to roll.

Again...this setup works for me, and I'm by no means even competent at the
Linux OS yet.  If it doesn't work for you, it's doubtful I can provide any

Two articles that were helpful:

In addition, several people here in were perfectly
patient and helpful.

Hope this helps.


Rev. Tim McIntire