Cirrus Logic Card and X-window (HELP)

Cirrus Logic Card and X-window (HELP)

Post by jonathan ch » Wed, 03 Nov 1993 06:48:29

I just install Linux the Slackware distribution 1.05 in my 486.
I can't get the X-window setup.  Please help if you know what I should

The graphic card manual said this is: Cirrus Logic GD5426 VGA Chip. It
has 1M on it.  My system config is: 486-66 345 maxtor IDE and 14"
non-interlace Shamrock monitor, and a trackball.

I got the trackball work by using the mouse testing program in the
distribution.  I modified the Xconfig and run it.  X die and
it blanked half of the screen vertically.  I can only see the
left half of the the screen.  I checked the log file.
It said: not know S3 chipset ...

Please help!



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Hello!! there
I 've got a 486DX33 computer and i have recently installed linux on it.
I am trying to run x windows on this but i do not have the config file
for the kind of vedio card i have i.e cirrus logic. COULD ANY PLEASE
send me the config file for the same if they have the same ???

Thanks in advance ..


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