problems with xmkmf HELP!

problems with xmkmf HELP!

Post by Jingyuan Zha » Wed, 22 Feb 1995 08:25:11

A command in Makefile must start with <tab> key.
Check all commands to see they start with <space> or <tab>.

I think that is a bug of xmkmf.

Hope it works.

Jingyuan Zhang


1. Calling xmkmf, calling Dr. xmkmf.

Hi, I am going crazy trying to find xmkmf. Maybe I am looking in
the wrong places. Tried a web search, linuxberg, tucows, None of them gave me a link to download it. I just
want to install xpmlib and xfree86.

Why the use of Imake files instead of the traditional make files
with the ./configure | make | make install commands?

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