Linux stability?

Linux stability?

Post by Steven J. Sob » Sun, 23 Oct 1994 23:32:53

I posted this a while ago to comp.os.linux but no one bothered answering..

I am working on spec'ing out a system to run a bulletin-board system on.
It is for a large print shop, and we will be taking orders over the modem.
I like the idea of using Linux because we also want to hook into the
Internet in the future. But I am concerned if Linux is stable enough
to use in our high-production (1200 order/day) envrionment, especially
since there is no formal tech support.

Replies preferred via e-mail....


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1. I had similar problems with one of machines at work.
   Somebody adviced me to loop kernel compilation.
   It turned out, that the machine had defect hardware (memory),
   because compilation was giving errors at RANDOM places.

2. I had no other crush cases with Linux. (Well, when I was a newbie,
   sometimes I pressed RESET without trying to think of something better.
   Ms Win customs die hard :-)

I dont have applixware, but Wine (when I used it), never crushed
the system.

It is interesting to note, that even after crushing due to bad memory,
Linux continued to receive pings correctly!

Roman Suzi

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--  Roman A. Suzi * Petrozavodsk Karelia Russia --

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