Slackware release of XF3.1.1

Slackware release of XF3.1.1

Post by arthur bla » Mon, 13 Feb 1995 11:52:56

Does anyone know when Slackware will release an XFree863.1.1 package?

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1. Diamond Stealth 64 dot-clocks found in windows not XF3.1.1


I have a Diamond Stealth 64dram (2MB) card hooked up to an cheapo SVGA
monitor.  I can run this configuration at 1024x768 interlaced using
windows 3.1 - but I cannot get the card to drive the monitor at
1024x768 interlaced using XFree (3.1.1) unless I first boot up windows
and the warm-boot the system into linux -- otherwise it drops down to

The debug information that XFree spews out as starts indicates that it
can't find a proper dot-clock to support 1024x768 - but once I warm
boot into linux from windows -- then it does find the right dot clock.
Attempting to set the Clocks line of the XFConfig file to the the
dot-clock that XF said it was using (from the debug info) when it was
working at 1024x768 results in an unreadable skewed display.  Looks
like it doesn't quite sync up right.

I used to be able to run at 1024x768 using my OLD trident card -
without problems.

I would blame the cheapo monitor -- but I know that if I warm boot
from windows it will work properly - so I figure that the diamond
windows drivers are initallizing the card in some way that Xfree
doesn't know about.

Can someone point me to a utility program that I can use to probe the
card a bit more effectively to set(find) the right dot-clocks ?  

Thanks in Advance!


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UNIX Systems Administration

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