Accidental deleted! HELP!!!

Accidental deleted! HELP!!!

Post by Andrew C. F. Wo » Tue, 07 Jun 1994 01:52:25

        I accidentally deleted /usr/lib/gcrt0.o & /usr/lib/crt0.o
        ...very careless...when I was removing my programming
        object files this afternoon.

        Would you like to help sending me the 2 files? Since
        without them I can't "make".

        I am using slackware 1.2.0 and the 2 files are come
        with the installation packages. I just don't want to
        reinstall that much things again.

        Thanks for you attention & kind RESPOND!!!

Poor Andrew


1. Accidental erasure of LV HD5 !! Please Help !!

I have erased accidentally LV HD5.
My equipment starts with normality but it does not allow me to keep
configurations in / dev/ilpdevice.

# ls -l /dev/* | grep "12,  1"
brw-------   1 root     system    12,  1 17 may 1999  /dev/hdisk0
crw-------   2 root     system    12,  1 26 nov 1998  /dev/ipldevice
crw-------   2 root     system    12,  1 26 nov 1998  /dev/rhdisk0

# lslv hd5
LOGICAL VOLUME:     hd5                    VOLUME GROUP:   rootvg
LV IDENTIFIER:      002017945bc17924.1     PERMISSION:     ?
VG STATE:           active/complete        LV STATE:       ?
TYPE:               boot                   WRITE VERIFY:   ?
MAX LPs:            ?                      PP SIZE:        ?
COPIES:             ?                      SCHED POLICY:   ?
LPs:                ?                      PPs:            ?
STALE PPs:          ?                      BB POLICY:      ?
INTER-POLICY:       minimum                RELOCATABLE:    no
INTRA-POLICY:       middle                 UPPER BOUND:    32
MOUNT POINT:        N/A                    LABEL:          None


Can somebody help me to recreate the HD5?
Thank you very much

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