Weird CRON restart

Weird CRON restart

Post by Joey Gibs » Mon, 24 Jan 1994 15:01:32

I am using Linux with the CROND which came with Slackware 1.01 release.
The man page says Vixie cron as of 15 November 1988. The weird thing is that
if I down my system, and then restart it, cron IMMEDIATELY fires up
EVERYTHING in root's crontab file. This includes UUCP, expire, tind, and a few
others. I looked in the man page for crond, but found nothing relating to
this behaviour. Has anyone else experienced this? BTW, this has happened with
pl14f, and with the pl14t which I just installed 5 minutes ago.



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I have modified a cron job on my sparc 20 running sunos 5.4.

I would like the system to begin running this new set of
instructions without rebooting. This was simple enough
with 4.1.3...I am unable to do it under 5.4, however.

Could anyone shed some light on this for me?

Also, whenever I want to quit the file manager (Solaris 2.4),
I get a dialog box asking me if I really want to quit it.
This is annoying. Is it a bug?

Thanks in advance.

Bob Mueller
Medical College of Wisconsin

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