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Anyone know how to get perfmeter to work with a ver. 1.1.90
kernel?  I've never gotten the thing to work right.  It
used to come up with XFree86 v. 2.0, but it didn't
display any info.  It just remained blank.  (perf did
work on a Sun when I compiled it there - it's much
nicer than perfmeter!!) Anyway, perf gives me a
segmentation fault now since  I upgraded to
XFree86 v. 3.1.  I figured that I'd have to recompile it
with the new X libraries, but it doesn't compile.  Lots
of errors come up about missing files.  The source I
have is from a CD I had back around kernel ver. 0.99.
However, the InfoMagic CD I recently bought has the
SAME files under the live directory!  Has anyone updated
those?  The source files are under /usr/src/xview/perf.
There are also kernel patches for making rstatd work,
but they are seriously outdated, too.  Are they even
necessary?  What is the best version of rstatd to
use?  I've seen rstatd, rstat_svc, and rpc.rstatd.
Since perfmeter is a front-end to rstat/rstatd, and
that's what I really want to run, I'd like to know
the whole shebang - i.e. which version of rstatd should
I use, how do I compile it (any kernel patches needed?),
and finally where do I get perf/perfmeter and how do
I compile that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Member of Technical Staff      One Space Park, Redondo Beach, CA 90278


1. PERFMETER - Was: perfmeter HOWTO?

OK - let's get some things clear on 'perfmeter'. This has been a thorn in my side ever
since I got it working...

Perfmeter simply reads statistics information via RPC from the rstatd daemon (should
normally be called rpc.rstatd in /usr/sbin, but sometimes called just rstatd). Unfortunately,
the rstatd daemon isn't a normal part of the Linux distribution so you have to get hold
of it separately and put in in your start-up. Next problem: disk statictics don't work
without my kernel patch. I have sent the patch to Linus and _hopefully_ it will be
included sometime in the kernel as standard. In the meantime, it's very small and easy
to apply. Next problem(!): The format of the /proc/stat file has changed with kernels.
The rstatd source needed patching.

In brief, it's a bit of a mess! I will post a tgz to ~Incoming containing
the kernel patch and the rstatd binary - working for later kernels (after about 1.0.5).
Get the rpc.rstatd started in your rc.local, or whatever you use. One cautionary note is
that the daemon doesn't go into the background automatically - use the '&' or you will
hang during boot.

So - file to expect:

                From about 11:45 (CET)


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