Is DTC 3270 VLB Controller Supported ????

Is DTC 3270 VLB Controller Supported ????

Post by Sohail M. Parek » Fri, 11 Feb 1994 10:25:23

Is the DTC(Data Technology Corp) 3270 VLB SCSI-II disk controller supported for Linux
or has anyone else used for other OS's.


1. DTC 3270 VLB SCSI controller


Well, the subject says it all.  That's the controller I have and it appears
that linux does not understand it.  When I was getting ready to purchase
the card I saw that it was not on my copy of the linux supported hardware list
but the sales people assured me it was adaptek compatible.   Has anyone else
tried the DTC 3270 VLB SCSI controller card?

I just got the Walnut Creek toolkit last yesterday (August 94) and, all
excited, attempted to install linux.  I tried several different boot images
but none seemed to recognize my card.  It has BIOS memory address C800H
and uses IRQ 11 (both defaults for the card).  Any suggestions?  Does linux
require a particular interrupt?  I would hate to give up this card since
it really smokes under DOS (loads shareware DOOM in 7.5 seconds) and had
high hopes for linux (besides, I am not keen on fighting the jumper wars if
I have to get a different card).

If anyone has advice to offer, please send it by email since our netnews is
amazingly unreliable.  

Thanks, eh.


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