Post by Dumas Wo » Fri, 15 Apr 1994 16:10:54

I have compiled DOSEMU .50pl1 running and can run some programs
succesffully. The problem is with Wordperfect 5.1. It can start up but
when I hit a function key it craps out and kicks me back to a Linux
prompt. I have tried every CONFIG option and command line option. What
could the problem be?


1. DOSEMU: dosemu needs a standard input

I've installed dosemu-0.64.2 and it works perfectly when run from a console or tty.  However I need to have some automated process run from the
web so I call dosemu in a perl cgi.  The older version of dosemu 0.62 worked as long as you called it like this:

system "dos -F /etc/dosverify.conf < /dev/tty5 > /dev/null";

It seemed to use /dev/tty5 as the standard input and be satisfied however the new version does not work.  It executes and dies without giving an error message.
Does anybody have any idea how I could provide a terminal somehow get it to work from the web cgi?  Thanks in advance.  

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