Installation of GCC 2.6.x. Help needed.

Installation of GCC 2.6.x. Help needed.

Post by Sylvain Boiv » Thu, 29 Dec 1994 06:09:04

  I succesfully installed Slackware 2.1, but fail with gcc-2.6.2 (Slackware 2.1
comes with gcc-2.5.8 and I need gcc-2.6.x to run my personal apps).

  What I tried is to install:
gcc-2.6.2 + libc-4.6.27 + libg++-2.6.1 + binutils- +

  The problem is that iostream generates floating exceptions at runtime.

mention compatibility problem between libg++-2.6.1 and binutils-
But the remedy, use libg++-, demand to use gcc-2.6.3 or higher.

  Question: is there a a.out version of gcc-2.6.3 out there? If not, does
a non-specialist ( me ;^> ) can compile-it from scratch?

                                                       Thank you.

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