oleo-1.5 for linux?

oleo-1.5 for linux?

Post by Harri Pasan » Thu, 09 Dec 1993 21:58:05


I tried to compile oleo-1.5 for linux.  It configured itself fine,
compiled fine, but dies to floating point exception at startup.  Look's
like division by zero to me.

I've had the same problem with PovRay.  What is the cure?




1. Trouble making oleo-1.4 on ultrix ...

but got no help, probably because what I am experiencing is not a bug
but some problem with the X-libs/include stuff on ultrix.

Machine: Dec 5000/200, ultrix 4.2

1. Configure runs fine.
2. All the files compile ok.
3. Linking aborts with the followingmessage.

DHAVE_HYPOT=1 -o oleo parse.tab.o byte-compile.o eval.o ref.o  decompile.o sort.o re
gions.o utils.o obstack.o lists.o io-term.o getopt.o getopt1.o io-utils.o io-x11.o w
indow.o io-edit.o hash.o panic.o line.o io-curses.o font.o display.o print.o init.o
 sylk.o oleofile.o sc.o list.o busi.o string.o cells.o ir.o xrdb.o cmd.o  basic.o ke
y.o format.o funcs.o args.o stub.o input.o info.o help.o  forminfo.o graph.o date.o
getdate.o posixtm.o  xmalloc.o  -lX11 -lcurses -ltermcap  -lm
/lib/libX11.a(XvmsAlloc.o): free: multiply defined

Does this mean free is defined multiply INSIDE XvmsAlloc.o ?  If so, how
do I get over it?  I do not have sources for libX11.

Thanks a lot.


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