Where to find Smalltalk

Where to find Smalltalk

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: I would like to learn Smalltalk.  Is there a GNU version for Linux
: available?            thanks

There's an X version at sunsite.unc.edu:        SmalltalkX ?  (very recent)

GNU smalltalk at ftp.cdrom.com: /pub/linux/zooed_slackware/oop1.zoo

Smalltalk tutorial at prep.ai.mit.edu:  /pub/gnu/smalltalk*tutorial ?
        in text and postscript version

I was also interested in these, but decided to stick to what I
am familiar with--C++.  Of course, most agree that Smalltalk
is a much better OOP language.

mario l gutierrez


1. NYC LOCAL: Monday 3 March 2003 NYC Smalltalk: Introduction to Smalltalk

  from="official NYC Smalltalk announcement"
  edit-level="near zero">

NYC Smalltalk will be sponsoring the following events in March:

1. March 3rd, Introduction to Smalltalk - Method Invocation
2. Will be soon announced

Introduction to Smalltalk

Method invocation in Smalltalk is a one-liner. Come and checkout how easy
it is to do method invocation with Smalltalk.

We will help install a Smalltalk IDE for those guests that bring their

This will be a hands-on presentation. All examples will be made in the
context of Sunits.

Date: March 3rd
Location: NYPC Offices at the New Yorker Hotel, 15th Floor
Time: 6:00pm to 7:00pm


take E or C to 34th (Penn Station), get off at 34th & 8th

with subject line of: NYC Smalltalk March 3rd

Our meetings are opened to the general public. Invite a friend !

To join our mailing list simply send mail to:

NYC Smalltalk


Distributed poC TINC:

Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.


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