Inode errors on Conner 1060S/Adaptec 1542CF-HELP

Inode errors on Conner 1060S/Adaptec 1542CF-HELP

Post by Keith We » Fri, 30 Sep 1994 22:18:37

I am trying to install Slackware 1.2 (kernel 1.0.8) on 486/DX2-66 with
16meg/ram, Conner 1060S ~1gig SCSI drive with Adaptec 1542CF controller.

I'm able to install without problem but during the very first fsck on the
root file system, I receive filesystem errors (bad inode count).  I go
through the file system clean-up which seems to correct problems, but I get
the same filesystem errors during the very next fsck.  

I have tried every setting known to man (and alien) and have not been able
to correct by myself.  Help!

The Conner drive is a SCSI-2 Fast, is this a problem?  I have a DEC SCSI-1
drive I swapped and have had NO problems with the rest of the system, so it
seems to be related to the drive.?!

Rewards will be considered!!! (Buy a new drive doesn't count :-)

Thanks in advance!  Keith

Also, please mail me direct and I'll post any info deemed 'important' to
solving the problem.  

Keith B. Webb                                   Atlanta, GA


Inode errors on Conner 1060S/Adaptec 1542CF-HELP

Post by Kevin Edward » Sun, 02 Oct 1994 08:14:11

I'm having trouble with graphics display drivers under linux.
VGA16 is the only display that currently even brings up a
screen, although nothing is functional.  Does anyone have a place
to look for an Xconfig file for Packard Bell (yuck) VESA LB video cards
with a Headland chipset?  

Kevin "Bob" Fu

wise words: Plus quam nomen, plus quam verbum, Bobus via vitae est! JCL rulz


1. Anyone using Conner 1060S/Adaptec 1542CF-HELP

Subject says it all.  I'm trying to configure the above on a 486DX66 with
continuous Inode errors.  Can someone help me use this drive before I return
it?  I would like to use it if it will work.

Thanks in advance!  Keith

Please email directly so I can fix quickly, I will repost response.

Keith B. Webb                                   Atlanta, GA

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