Unable to make Boot disk with SLS 1.03

Unable to make Boot disk with SLS 1.03

Post by Joe Rosenfe » Wed, 18 Aug 1993 06:28:16

This is becoming a real problem, and I have tried to do this on
several computers, and a friend has also given it a shot.

We are trying to install SLS 1.03 with the Generic Boot Disk A1 from
sunsite.unc.edu.  I make a partition with the Linux fdisk, and go
through the install.  it can be either minimal or full.  it does not
matter.  When the time comes to make the Boot Diskette, I get the
following problems:

1. /root/Image no such file or directory (this is correct--I cannot
find such a file on the hard drive)
2. no /etc/syssteup file can be found.

Needless to say, nothing good happens.  The boot disk is useless and
no install or boot from the hard disk is possible.

What is going on here?  What must I do to get Linux properly
installed?  This is becoming a real bummer.  Appreciate any


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1. SLS 1.03 problem making usable boot disk...

Despite making a serious effort to RTFM and experiment quite a bit, I am
unable to make a bootable floppy for SLS 1.03...The floppy is made w/o
complaint at the end of the install, but when I attempt boot it, I get
messages something like:

uncompressing linux....
invalid compressed format...
-system halted

The SLS distribution came from tsx-11.mit.edu and was installed from c:\
install w/o complaint...The disk has 3 partitions:

/dev/hda1 100MB dos
/dev/hda2 ~200MB root
/dev/hda3 16MB swap

mke2fs and mkswap showed a few bad block/pages, but no complaints otherwise

I then ran doinstall /dev/hda2 and specified harddisk /dev/hda1 to install
from...At the end, when I insert the pre-formatted floppy, answered
questions about preset video, modem, mouse, etc...When I was done, neither
the new floppy nor the harddisk were bootable...The only thing I could boot
was the install boot diskette (a1.5)...

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated...E-mail replies

Terrance M. Darcey, PhD


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