2nd serial port on Plato P90

2nd serial port on Plato P90

Post by Matt Reim » Thu, 16 Feb 1995 17:02:10

I have a Pentium 90 with the Plato motherboard, 32M RAM, two WD Caviar 1G
HDs and a Sony CDU55E CD-ROM drive connected to onboard IDE, a PCI Stealth 64,
and a 28.8K modem. I set the modem to COM4 IRQ5 so I could use both onboard
serial ports, one for my Microsoft mouse and the other to an old HP LaserJet.
But nothing happens: either I get the error 'Device or resource busy' or
it 'hangs' for a while. No output from the printer. What's up?

1. Plato 2nd serial port - FIXED!

Hi All,
I've just fixed the 2nd serial port on my Plato Baby AT
Pentium system.

I believe there was someone else on one of these groups
having hastle - I haven't seen the post - if someone
sees it can someone pass me a copy.

Serial port 2 (25 way) doing nothing.

The motherboard has two lots of 10way DIL IDC headers,
one for each serial port.  The pin outs on these correspond
to the pin out of a 9 way AT style serial port.  The  lead
I had going from the 25 way socket on the back of my machine
to the IDC headers was wired in the wrong order for these
connectors on the motherboard.  In the end I replaced this
lead by another 9 pin one.

Moral of the story:
The 25way socket -> 10 pin IDC cables you get on I/O cards
probably won't work on all boards, on both channels and not on motherboards.

Easy test:
Try unplugging the lead from the board going to the 1st serial
port and plugging it into the 2nd serial port and try your
mouse on that.


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