Keytronic Mouse Problem

Keytronic Mouse Problem

Post by Carl Spangenberg » Thu, 09 Dec 1993 00:56:31

I have install XFree86 2.0 on my computer, but it will not
reconize the mouse. The mouse is bus mouse. When Linux
(Slackware) is loaded it say's that it detects a Logitech
Bus Mouse. So, I used Logitech in the Linux setup and the
and the Xconfig file. When I run startx to start the
X server it does not reconize the mouse.
I then tried Microsoft and ps/2and busmouse and none of them
worked. The Xserver does not give me any errors. A side
not in windows 3.0 it says the mouse is microsoft?
Thankx for the help.


1. Keytronic wireless keyboard/touchpad??

I'm trying, without much success, to set up a new Keytronic wireless
keyboard/touchpad for a handicapped user.  It seems the keypad buttons
will *not* simultaneously click so as to emulate a 3-button mouse (This
according to Keytronics' rather rude tech support).  Also, I'm having
some small weirdness with the touchpad (occasional jumping and hanging).

IF anyone has had success getting this to work, I'd appreciate some tips.  
It is a rather nice keyboard/touchpad.

Robert Sorrels
Research Computing
School of Business          University of Washington

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