mitsumi sound level not working

mitsumi sound level not working

Post by iafil.. » Wed, 02 Nov 1994 19:57:45

I played audio CD's in my mitsumi doublespeed CDrom but i cant regulate
the soundlevel (work(man or bone) in X).

A MSDOS player does do this very well, has someone this reported yet or do
i have an old player?

Slackware 2.0 distribution



1. Low sound level with TB Tahiti (not mixer related)

Running SuSE 6.2 I have successfully compiled a kernel with support
for my old Turtle beach Tahiti sound card. I am not loading it as a
module. This works relatively well, but the levels are very low.

I have all the sliders on max in the mixer (which is functioning), but
still the sound is considerably lower than what I get from the W98
I can dual-boot into. This applies to both wave and CD audio.

For the W98 I can set levels separately from the mixer by TB's own
applications, but that is only for Line in and CD audio.
(Those levels are used in conjunction with the mixer levels.)

Anyone have any ideas how to bring up the levels from Linux?
It doesn't help to boot into W98, set levels and then boot into Linux.
Do you think it works better with OSS or ALSA drivers?

TIA for any help!

ps. If you are replying via email observe the spamtrap!

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