LaTeX2e: german.sty and german hyphenation

LaTeX2e: german.sty and german hyphenation

Post by Rene Wi » Fri, 08 Apr 1994 16:45:27


In the past few days, I posted two articles seeking for help concerning
minor problems I had with Latex2e and emacs, both from the new slackware
1.2.0 release of Linux.

Thanks to the mails and follow-ups to my postings, I have solved the
problems, or at least found a work-around.

Thanks to all, who replied and presented some ideas.

- Rene' Wies

Here is what I've done:
Concerning the problems I had with german.sty for LaTeX2e:
(I just couldn't get the german.sty to function, neither the
hyphenation nor the style itself)

Here are the steps to take or at least the steps I took, which worked:

1a. Do NOT change any original Latex2e files!
1b. cd to /usr/TeX/lib/texmf/tex/latex2e/

2. ftp the following files from (or some other place):
     ushyph1.tex (or ukhyphen.tex)
   in /tex-archive/language/hyphenation
   AND put them in /usr/TeX/lib/texmf/tex/latex2e/

3. Write a file called lhyphen.cfg with the following content:


   \input ushyph1.tex

   \input ghyph31.tex


   and copy/move it to /usr/TeX/lib/texmf/tex/latex2e/

4. Copy/move the original Latex2e.fmt to e.g. Latex2e.fmt.orig

5. Run: initex latex2e.ltx

That's all! - I hope.

Concerning the problem with emacs 19.22:
(emacs did not accept/recognize the AltGr-key and thus would not print

- The problem was that I had more than Alt_L on mod1
- I used xkeycaps to analyze my keyboard settings and changed
  the mod1-key to only use Alt_L
  (xkeycaps.*.tar.gz can be found an many ftp-servers, like in /ftp2/X11/contrib/
  it compiles out of the box on linux)
- Then I generated a new Xmodmap-file using xkeycaps and moved
  it to .Xmodmap in my home! (Save the original one, jsut in case)
- started xmodmap with .Xmodmap and

That's it - it worked.

I also added the following lines to my .emacs file. They allow emacs
to display umlaute etc. See the emacs-umlaute-faq by Karl Brodowsky
in de.comp.gnu.
(standard-display-european 1)
(require 'iso-syntax)

Concerning the problem with emacs and tex, when typing " (you get '' of ``)

Well, I tried the lines below in my .emacs file, but without any success:
  (function (lambda () (define-key tex-mode-map "\"" 'self-insert-command))))

Maybe, someone out there has a solution!?


LaTeX2e: german.sty and german hyphenation

Post by Thomas Ess » Sat, 09 Apr 1994 05:43:15

: Well, I tried the lines below in my .emacs file, but without any success:
: (add-hook
:   'tex-mode-hook
:   (function (lambda () (define-key tex-mode-map "\"" 'self-insert-command))))

: Maybe, someone out there has a solution!?

There is a wonderful TeX-mode enhancement called AUC-TeX. When using
german.sty the " -key produces " . But this package has lots of more
useful featutes. Give it a try!

You can try archie on auctex, or get it via ftp from: /ftp3/tex/support/auctex/auctex-8.0n.tar.gz

There are some new versins in alpha testing in
on the same server.


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LaTeX2e: german.sty and german hyphenation

Post by Karsten Steffe » Tue, 12 Apr 1994 13:09:41

Thank you VERY much, Rene,

        this fine posting was the one and only clue to get a german
latex2e runnning. It works just right out of the box as you describe it.
Almost all the other recent postings on this list concerning latex2e did
not help in any way setting up this fine new latex.

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Hi all,

I'm a bit in trouble with NLS and various shells:

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What gives? Is there a problem in my installation or is this a general
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And if I may ask another question: Is there a version of the Linux
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Thanks in advance for helping.

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