Slackware Install: Diskset A not found Skipping...????\

Slackware Install: Diskset A not found Skipping...????\

Post by rikre.. » Fri, 01 Apr 1994 23:58:22


I am at a total loss,

I have FTPd the slacware instalation packages from, and
have successfully created both the boot and root disks.  Now I have the
disks a1 to a3 in a DOS subdirectory on /dev/hda2 called c:\slackwar\a1  
to a3.

My partition table looks like this...

/dev/hda1 (OS/2 bootmanager)
/dev/hda2 (DOS 6.2)
/dev/hda3 (Linux Swap) 10mb
/dev/hda4 (Linux Native)

I have a DELL 450/ME (Multimedia EISA) with 12mb ram, IDE hard drive, and
other stuff... :)

I have entered the correct information (I think) to have slackware
recognize my dos partition and have entered the source for disksets as:
then subdir /slackwar

I have also tried subdir /SLACKWAR and /slackwar/a1.  Each time I try I get:
Diskset a not found skipping then install quits.

I am really confused about WHY this is happening... PLEASE help me!!!!

Thanks a bunch

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