LambdaMOO from sunsite doesn't gunzip?

LambdaMOO from sunsite doesn't gunzip?

Post by Dirk Harms-Merbi » Mon, 27 Jun 1994 14:10:42

I tried to install LambdaMOO today. Unfortunately it didn't unzip (make that
gunzip) after ftping using binary, prompt and hash. I tried again from
a Sun machine but had the same problem.

Any ideas?


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I can't get Gunzip 1.1.2 to work on my 4.3 BSD MachTen system.  Everytime
I try to decompress a file it tells me its not in gz format.
These are files with .tar.gz and .tgz extensions, that I know are good.
I have only gotten gunzip -d to work for me once, but that was it.

I downloaded version 1.1.4, but its been (arg) compressed into .gz format,
so I am stuck.

I've tried:
gunzip -d filename
gzip filenmae
zcat filename

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