Help with Cirrus Logic vga

Help with Cirrus Logic vga

Post by Jason P Hey » Sun, 12 Sep 1993 08:21:56

I have just installed Linux and can run X with the Mono server.
My board (it's a notebook computer) has an uncommon chipset.
The manual (computer's) and various Dos programs verify that it is VESA
It also has compatability with Cirrus Logic of course.

This is all I know about the video board:

chip: Cirrus Logic  CL-GD62x5   (or CL-GD6225)
video ram: 512k
horz    vert    depth           mode number( hex )              VESA mode ( hex)
640     480     8               5f                              101
800     600     8               5c                              103
800     600     4               58 or 6a                        102
1024    768     4               5d                              104    (non int.)

I would like to use the second and fourth modes with Linux.
Is this possible?
I have just started learning Linux and do not know much about it.
I hope someone could help me. ( Should I contact Cirrus Logic?)
Thank you,

Jason Heym


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Any pointers appreciated,

 Hank Griffioen


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