#9 GXE/Relisys Monitor/X windows help

#9 GXE/Relisys Monitor/X windows help

Post by Robert Hernd » Fri, 10 Jun 1994 05:43:54

I recently acquired a #9 GXE Level 12 card and a Relisys
RE 2058 monitor.  I'm running Linux from the most recent
Trans-Ameritech CD, and it runs fairly well so far at
1024x768.  Does anyone have an Xconfig file that works
well for this monitor or card/monitor combination at
resolutions of 1152x900 or 1280x1024?  I have been unable
to get the display working under Linux at these resolutions.

Specifying any resolution greater than 1024x768 in my Xconfig
file causes strange behavior on the screen.  I've tried all of
the clock/scan settings for 1152x900 and 1280x1024 that I've
found in the sample files in the X11 directories, and they all
behave poorly:  medium size fonts or smaller are unreadable,
vertical lines on the screen are ragged, and the color map seems
to rotate slowly and quasi-randomly (all white pixels on the
screen will abruptly turn green (say), followed by all red
pixels turning gray, etc., etc.).

I put Windows up on my box, however, and ran the #9GXE graphics
demo at 1280x1024 after setting the monitor type to "Generic
Monitor", and it ran beautifully:  tiny print was very readable
and the display was rock steady.  Does anyone know a way of
extracting parameters for the display short of getting out an
oscilloscope and poking around in the monitor while running the
GXE demo?

When I exit Xwindows, the screen returns to normal SVGA resolution,
but the scroll-point is in the middle of the screen instead of
the bottom.  Apparently the Xserver is not restoring the graphic
card's state correctly on exit.

  (a) Is there a Linux program to reset this?  Resetting (rebooting)
      the system seems needlessly drastic.
  (b) Is this a known problem in X for which there is a fix?

Robert Herndon


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