ramdisk options in boot disk

ramdisk options in boot disk

Post by User - Hemant Vaid » Thu, 08 Sep 1994 03:24:57

The configuration of system I used:
P90, NCR5380 PCI SCSI card(not inboard), 16M ram, Phoenix BIOS

I tried to install Linux with Slackware 2.0. I used a boot disk that had a
generic ncr5380 scsi driver in it. SCSI host was not detected. I specified

        ramdisk ncr5380=0x3000,10,0

(I used the starting port no. for PCI card form CMOS setup and also IRQ and
DMA channel)

Everything went fine upto partioning and installing. I created a standard boot

When I tried to boot with this disk I got kernel panic error. I don't have the
stack dump it produced. But I can reproduce it if needed.

Next I booted from slackware disk. Specified ramdisk option as before. I could
now see the     partions I had created. I mounted the root partition I created
under /mnt. Next I tried to run adduser. I got "adduser:not found". I could
not find adduser command in /bin or /usr/bin.

I managed to edit /etc/passwd file and create a login for myself. I also
created home directory. I could login with my own password.But I had to
specify my home directory as /mnt/home/login. Is it the way it is?

        Do I have to boot with slackware boot disk and specify ramdisk options
        every time? Isn't there a better way.

        Where is adduser command on your system?

Thanks for your help.