Looking for a book (sys-admin)

Looking for a book (sys-admin)

Post by William Woelbeli » Thu, 10 Mar 1994 10:14:02

Installation was easy.  Now I have discovered just how huge UN*X is.  
Could somebody recommend a good book on UN*X operations and/or system

I've already pulled out most of my hair! :)

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Bill Woelbeling

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It's also almost certain to be out of date---the only way I've found
to get reasonably up to date information is to use the LDP web pages.
Besides, last time I checked most of the Bible was FAQs and HOWTOS
that can be downloaded for free (you can also download alll 200-odd MB
of PS sorce for the Bible, but it's probably cheaper to buy it than to
print it yourself), so why spend the money?  If you're looking for a
systems administration guide, and want something that truly addresses
sysadminsitration, I'd suggest _Unix System Administration_ by Nemeth,
Snyder, Seebeck, et. al.  General opinion around here and more than a
few other places is that this is the *real* systems administration

"Sysadmining is a burden, not a priviledge."  --Aaron Marsh

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