PINE problems

PINE problems

Post by The Lord of the Crypta Cult » Sat, 22 Oct 1994 02:51:05

I know this newsgroup is not the right one
to ask questions about pine, but I only get
the problem with the Linux version.

Every attempt to send a message results in an error
which pine reports as "problem ending submission",
but the program does't seem to recognize the error,
because it says "Message sent and copied to...".
Unfortunately the messages never arrive at their
destination. Our system is a 90 Mhz Pentium +
16 MB RAM.

Please email me, I don't read this group too
often - it's too large.



1. SElm and Pine problem under linux

Greetings All,

A strange problem emmerged on my Linux system recendly and I've been searching
high and low for and explanation though my Linux jungle.

I had been using the elm and Pine e-mail clients since the beggining of time
on my Linux system - everything was configured perfectly and working merrily.

Suddenly one day the strangest thing happened.  Everything but Pine managed to
send messages susccesfully.  Any message sent by Pine to anyone including
myself would return with a maximum hop count exceeded error message though
elm and mailx had no problems delivering mail.

I've searched for a cause through the pine configuration but to no avail.
I realized that Pine spawns some client software for the actual delivery
process - I think "rsmtp -bs".

Does anyone have experience with a similar strange problem or any suggestions
for a possible solution.

Kind Regards

Martin Gluckman
Zohar Daliya


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