ldd -V problems

ldd -V problems

Post by John C Sterner » Fri, 12 Nov 1993 06:28:04

XFree86-20 is announced, I download, I unzip and untar, (no probs)
minor rejoicing -- I do the correct links add my old clock
section to Xconfig try running just plain X
that is
X   (and return)
I get segmenation fault
then I try
Strace X
I get

and my prompt

so I do a little reading a try

ldd -V
and get cant exec -V
so I update ld.so (thinking I have the old)
try again and same thing

I have:
386 33Mhz
Adaptec 1542B
some 383 meg HD
Tandberg 250 meg tape
(generic SVGA card only 256k so I am running Mono Server)
I can go back to XFree 1.3 and have no probs

Any suggestions - quite frankly I dont think
it has anything to do with XFree - but who knows.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




1. ldd problem

Hi all,

  I have an observation that I do not quite understand.  When I use
"ldd" to see what libs that an excutable is linked, it cannot find
the libc.so.5 and libm.so.5.   I am using the Redhat 5.0, so the
libc.so.5 is in the directory /usr/i486-linux-libc5/lib/, and
the file /etc/ld.so.conf has the entry of it.  So I think the ld linker
actually links to it.  Even the "ldconfig" has the entry for the libc.so.5.

  So my question is what cnfiguration file that I missed, in order to
make "ldd" works properly.

 Thanks a lot.


Kingman Cheung::530-752-0820

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