fdisk, >1GB disk & messages: physical/logical don't amtch

fdisk, >1GB disk & messages: physical/logical don't amtch

Post by Brian Kram » Mon, 30 May 1994 05:32:12

Can the message that the physical/logical don't match be ignored?  I
formatted the partitions and the total disk space is correct and they
seem work.  I am using a quantum 1800 and an adaptec 1542 with bios
and translation off.
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1. SCSI hassel: can't fdisk HP 1GB disk (no disk geometery)

I just sprang for a 1 GB Hewlett Packard disk (C2247) and I can't
get Linux to fdisk/format it. When I try to do anything with
fdisk, I get...

        You must set heads sectors and cylinders.
        You can do this from the extra functions menu.
        Command (m for help):

Fdisk does see the drive and I can mount the DOS partition.
I'm clueless as to cyl/heads/sector settings (calls are in
to the vendor and mfgr).  However, the FAQ is ambiguous as
to whether the provision of this information will actually
solve the problem.

Also, when the machine boots, Linux recognizes the Future
Domain controller (1680) but it says something like
"Selection Failed" in the bootup chatter.  Also, there are
two other IDE HDs on this machine.


Help me please, even if all you know is the
cyclinders/heads/sectors settings.



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