Diamond Stealth 32 2MB PCI: Help !

Diamond Stealth 32 2MB PCI: Help !

Post by pono » Fri, 04 Nov 1994 20:24:21

Has anyone got an XConfig file that will work with a Diamond Stealth 32
PCI 2MB Graphics card. Apparently this card has a programmable clock,
Does anyone know the name of the programming algorithm ?

Please, Please, Please help me someone ...

It's driving me nuts being forced to run XWindows in a resolution of

Any help given will be gratefully received.

TIA Zeph.


1. Help: PCI Diamond Stealth 32 - 2Mb Ram

Can anybody help me in configuring my slakware linux to work with my PCI Diamond Stealth 32 with 2mb of Ram.

I know that Diamond as now released the specication for their cards but what do I need and where can I find it?

Any help would be much appreciated,,,,


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