Problem with Mosaic binaries from sunsite

Problem with Mosaic binaries from sunsite

Post by Frank Grieg » Sat, 19 Mar 1994 17:24:45

Hi Linux comunity,

I installed the Mosaic binaries from sunsite (Mosaic 2.2). Everything works
fine despite for one thing: If I try to enter text in a fill out form it's
just posible to paste it there from an other Window. Keystrokes are not
accepted. It's pretty annoying since I'd like to use Mosaic for literature
investigations. For this kind of service I'd need the possibility to fill in

Thanks for any hint. Greetings,


1. Running (not) Mosaic binary from sunsite?

        I am attempting to get the binary posted at
        under pub/Linux/system/Network/info-systems for Mosaic-2.0
        to run on my system (Gateway 2000 486DX2-66v, Linux 0.99pl12
        XFree 1.3, SLS 1.03) and when ever I type "Mosaic" I get the
        following error message:

                Mosaic: can't load dynamic linker '/lib/'

        Since there is very little documentation with this package as
        found at I am completely lost as to what to do
        next. If anyone can suggest any solutions please feel free.


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