Thanks Steve Ackman

Thanks Steve Ackman

Post by DSL » Wed, 18 Jul 2001 11:16:13

Steve Ackman,

You answered my post on how to determine if a file has been download.  It
was a great suggestion.  I tried to reply to you personally, but the email
came back.  So here's a formal thank you post.

Much appreciated for your time and response.



Thanks Steve Ackman

Post by Steve Ackm » Wed, 18 Jul 2001 23:42:14

>Steve Ackman,
> I tried to reply to you personally, but the email
>came back.  

  You can remove the nospam in the given address, or
you can look at the message headers and pull my
"onboard" address from the message ID number.
I'm not hard to find.  ;-)

  Minor munging of e-addresses like that is quite
common on usenet to help keep down the onslaught
of spam.  Most spammers don't try to figure out the
real address.  They just send their garbage to the
address exactly as harvested.

  Any time you reply to a message on usenet, double
check the address you're sending to.  More often than
not, you'll have to "adjust" it.

Quote:> So here's a formal thank you post.

  You're quite welcome.

Steve Ackman                   
Registered Linux User #79430


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