help install from network

help install from network

Post by Supanee Faarungsa » Wed, 23 Mar 1994 10:59:21


hi lilo expert,

can you help me install new slack ware from net work
i already mount it on my 1.0 kernel linux
and patch for speaker
i don't want to lost the patch too.



1. Help installing a network printer on RH 6.1


I'm hoping you could give me a hand with setting up a
printer through the local network.  That is, I have
three machines with RedHat 6.1, all of them connected
in a local network.  I have a printer attached to one
of the machines, and want to make it available to the
other machines.

Sounds pretty easy, but it's not working!

I use printtool in one of the machines that don't have
the printer attached, I click on ADD, then select
"Network Printer".  It asks me the remote host's IP
(no problem with that, I just put -- the
machine with the printer), and the remote queue.

I assumed that in there, I should put the name of the
printer when I installed it.  So I did.  I wrote
lpHPLJ5  (that's the name of the printer -- i.e.,
I would print text files with the command:

% lpr -PlpHPLJ5 text_file.txt

(from the machine with the printer, of course)

Is that what I was supposed to do??   I did that, it
didn't complain, but it doesn't work.

I called the printer lpHP in the machine where I
set up the network printer.  So, I issue the command:

% lpr -PlpHP text_file.txt

And I should expect that file to be sent to the
printer lpHPLJ5 in the other machine.  Am I on the
right track?

Any hints?

Thanks a bunch!


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