Logitec Bus Mouse Busy

Logitec Bus Mouse Busy

Post by Chris McLoughl » Tue, 01 Mar 1994 09:49:16

                                Help!!!!!  have a Logitec Bus Mouse and
in the Xconfig I have the line Logitech /dev/bmouselogitec and when I try
to start XWindows I get a "Fatal Server error: Cannot open mouse (device
or resource busy)". Anyone know what's causing this? Help! Please send me


1. Logitec Bus Mouse and /dev/bm

I'm currently running v.98 -- everytime I try to access /dev/bm (in the
case of Xwindows for instance) my system crashes.  Linux recognizes my
bus mouse during boot, and reports it as a logitec (which it is). I've checked
my IRqs, and they are all in correct order, with my bus mouse using
irq 5 and nothing else.  Running mouse gives me a kernel panic, and it is
unable to recover!

Whats going on?!
(SLS version)

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